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TreesForYou.com provides comprehensive services in all phases of arboriculture. Please see the scope of services below and give us a call to discuss what we can do for you!

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tree pruning

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structural pruning

storm prevention

INVASIVE exotic plant removal

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AIR excavation

palm fertilization

Tree Removal

We can safely remove any size tree in any situation.

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Tree Pruning

We prune trees and palms in accordance with ANSI A300 pruning standards.

Stump Grinding

We own the largest Vermeer stump grinder and can remove any stump or grind down large surface roots.

Debris Hauling

We have a new grapple truck to haul away all debris fast and efficiently.

Invasive Exotic Plant Removal

We can remove invasive exotic species and provide treatment to control resprouting.  

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Structural Pruning

Structural pruning is a specialized pruning technique aimed at correcting structural defects that can lead to branch or whole tree failure.

Storm Prevention

We will analyze your tree for structural strength and prune to remove deadwood or cracked, split, weakly attached branches and correct other issues that pre-dispose a tree or tree parts to fail during a storm event.

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Mangrove Trimming

We employ two Professional Mangrove Trimmers and can prune your mangroves under an exemption or help you attain an exemption or a permit if needed.

New tree Installation

We can help you select the appropriate tree species based on your site characteristics and then plant them properly. We will also provide an irrigation schedule and aftercare recommendations.

Tree Preservation Plans

We develop Tree Preservation Plans to mitigate impacts to trees caused by site work including new construction and utility installations.

Tree Assessment Evaluation

Alan Mayberry, our ISA Certified Arborist, #SO- 0305, has over 37 years of experience in arboriculture and carries the ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ). He has assessed over 100,000 trees growing on public and private properties and can conduct a science-based assessment of the health and structure of your trees and give you an unbiased evaluation of your tree’s condition. 

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Air Excavation 

An air excavation device can be used to aerate the soil to improve the movement of oxygen into the soil and carbon dioxide out. soil aeration increases water and nutrient uptake and improves soil structure. In addition, the air excavation device can also be used to carefully remove soil away from woody roots so they can be examined for the presence of decay or to determine if they are causing damage.

Palm Fertilization

We fertilize palms with the University of Florida’s 8-2-12-4 formula to correct and prevent nutrient deficiencies. Keeping palms healthy makes them less susceptible to disease and insect attack.   

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