Palms are symbols of Florida and are invaluable in creating the effect of a tropical landscape. Moreover, they are becoming increasingly popular as a landscape choice due to the diminishing greenspace cause by urban sprawl. A tropical themed landscape, if done properly, can increase property values significantly. Even a single specimen palm can have a profound effect on the appearance of a property. The installed price of a new palm or the cost of replacing a mature palm is expensive, consequently, it is important to maintain your palms in a healthy growing condition.  While insects, diseases and a variety of cultural issues present problems to Palm health, has some solutions. 

The vast majority of palms utilized in Tampa Bay landscapes are not native to the State of Florida and experience nutrient deficiencies particularly in regards to potassium and magnesium. Palm pruning, if performed improperly, leads to declining health and exacerbates the nutrient deficiency problem. It is imperative to prune and fertilize palms correctly. In this case, prevention is the key. The two culprits in palm decline are a lack of available nutrients and over-pruning. Please read the our information on palm fertilization and palm pruning and please call to keep your palms healthy and looking good!