Palms are not trees, and although they share some similarities, they have important differences in the physiology. Most Florida soils can support tree growth but do not have adequate potassium and magnesium for palm growth. Palms should be fertilized four times a year with a palm special fertilizer with an 8n-2p-12k-4mg formula. The nitrogen, potassium and magnesium should be in a slow-release form. During the fertilizer ban months, a 0-0-12-4 formula can be used to satisfy the ban on nitrogen and phosphorus.  It is important not to apply additional fertilizers in the area being fertilized, especially turf fertilizers, as this will create a potassium deficiency. The palm fertilizer has sufficient nitrogen to keep a lawn healthy. Fertilizer should be applied with a good irrigation program to ensure nutrient uptake.  For more information on palm fertilization use the following links to the University of Florida’s website:    Selecting Good Fertilizers for Palms – UF/IFAS Extension Miami-Dade County ( or call to have your palms fertilized correctly!